UR, currently embodied in a sprawling duo formed by baritone guitar/synth/vocal and drums, was born a couple of years ago from the need to communicate with the public through harsh sounds, experimental and psychedelic, still putting trust in the power of rock as means to shake the conscience.

The band’s first album “City of UR” alluding metaphorically to the city and Mesopotamian civilizations disappeared, wants to invite reflection on the terminal state of contemporary civilization.

9 tracks that speak of the individual’s sense of impatience with the institutions and impotence towards the elites maneuvering behind the scenes of entire peoples fate, the man-machine relationship and the indiscriminate exploitation of resources, the war, the concept of “other” in a historical moment in which political and religious ideologies, continue to divide men fomenting hatred and inciting to point the finger at “the other”, refugee, infidel, or the minority of cases.

UR is a sound forge constantly working.  A second full length album is in the oven.

The band born out of Berlin’s underground scene cooperate internationally with several artists and projects in different areas.
(among others… Einsturzende Neubauden, Malika Ayane, Bob Rutman, Mad Kate, Tongs, Kamikaze Queens, James Welbourn..etc..)