UR is a sprawling duo formed by Jacopo Bertacco (guitar/synth/vocal) and Nico Lippolis (drums), born out of Berlin’s underground scene with the need to communicate an urgent need made of Sound.

Ur’s music is harsh, experimental and psychedelic, with a visceral trust in the power of rock music as a tool to shake consciences.  
UR sound reflects the strong identity of the band and the wide background of the two members, creating an unique sound out of multiple stylistic influences.    The band moves freely between Punk, Progressive, Stoner, Psychedelic and Electronic Music.
Live the duo is an erupting earthquake able to take their audience into long tribal-like journeys through musical extemporisations as well as waking them up with sexy punky filthy songs.        

The title of UR’s first album “City of UR”, alluding metaphorically to the disappeared Mesopotamian city and society, invites into a reflection on the terminal state of contemporary civilization. The gushing energy of Ur´s sound is a call for what is now still alive and available. 

UR’s poetic is one of impatience, a sense of unease and unbalance produced by the de-humanization of life, the rage towards the institutions, the inaccessibility of “the accountable”, the concept of “other” in a historical moment in which political and religious ideologies, continue to divide men fomenting hatred and inciting to point the finger at “the other”, refugee, infidel, or the minority of cases.